Itamar News Updates October 4th 2013

groupAfter 51 days of devotion to our holidays(which includes the month of Elul, the ten days of repentance, the days of preparation for Succoth and the holiday of Succoth itself) we are now beginning 5 and a half months of routine until the holiday of Passover. If we put our minds to it, the blessing of the holiday season will G-D willing bear fruit during this period of practical work and action. Itamar is in a tremendous growth spurt and we must keep up the momentum. This year we will have many challenges to face especially with the world trying to push Israel out of its Biblical inheritance.  We turn to our dear friends of Itamar to stand with us more than ever in helping us strengthen our grip on our everlasting inheritance.

Over the holidays Itamar enjoyed many special visitors that came to tour the community and its surroundings. A special welcome to the Dr. Robert and Naomi Klinger and Mr. and Mrs David Federbush from Teaneck NJ.Klinger and Federbush families

Mazal tov to the Eydan and Shushan families on the engagements of their daughters Ruth and Rinat. Mazal to Yaakov and Haliluyah Nitanel on the birth of a daughter.

Special thanks to Edith and Itamar Goldberg on the donation of our first wedding dress to our new kallah(Bridal) Fund.

 Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s New Torah lesson on this week’s portion.

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