Itamar News Updates Oct. 11th 2013


Parashat Lech Lecha is always so special for the community of Itamar. We are located in the very same place that Abraham and Sarah first treaded upon when they entered the land of Israel. This week’s Torah portion is an everlasting testimony to our eternal inheritance of the land of Israel, to its heart (geographically) and soul (spiritually). We want to extend an invitation to all our dear friends to come and experience at first hand the Biblical story of our forefathers coming to life right here and right now. It is not to be conceived that other nations can force Israel to forfeit the main artery of its body- this means suicide and a negating of every Jewish person’s identity where ever they may be. Luckily the Torah commands us to recall every year the places that were the stepping stones of the formation of Am Yisrael.

Unfortunately, terrorism is on the rise again in Israel. In the last month alone there were four serious incidents that left three dead and one injured at the hand of terrorists. It is so clear that every time Israel begins another round of “peace talks” there is always an outburst of terrorism. The government of Israel sadly has not yet learned a lesson from the past. Murderers are set free, land is given for nothing in return and violence is on the rise. Here on Itamar we are now in high alert and are in need of another surveillance camera. We need twelve thousand dollars to complete this important purchase. Anyone that can help out in this life saving project will be greatly needs

This weekend celebrates the bar mitzvah of the Ronsky and Deri families – Mazal tov!

Israel is the center of the world, connecting Africa Asia and Europe. An incredible amount of birds fly through here when migrating. A beautiful bird enjoyed perching on a tree here for a while before flying south for the winter. Enjoy!IMG_5249

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson for the week.

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