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GeneralItamar News Updates November 2nd 2012

Itamar News Updates November 2nd 2012

The Itamar synagogue  width=project is moving along:- enjoy the latest pictures of the building site. Our plans are to, G-D willing, finish this important project by Israel Independence Day! For those of you that would like to be a part of this important endeavor, the Friends of Itamar welcomes all contributions. Pass the word around- we are still looking for major donors. Those of you that are interested in dedications for loved ones -there are still availabilities. width=

We are underway on a special Itamar forest project which includes cleaning around the trees and pruning them, making trails, and setting up picnic grounds. Special thanks to Yididyah Spector width= for spearheading this endeavor.

It goes without saying that the people of Itamar were praying for the residents of the area hit by Sandy. Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah Lesson on the Torah Portion where he focuses on the monster storm that hit the east coast this week.

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