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GeneralItamar news updates Nov 27th 2015

Itamar news updates Nov 27th 2015

Itamar wishes Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith a pleasant and successful speaking tour in the USA. They leave early next week and will be visiting the tri – State area and are still available for speaking opportunities -anyone interested please contact them at –

As we approach the end of the fiscal year we turn to our brothers and sisters to stand with Friends of Itamar at this vital time. We have so much important work to do as we hold and build the Land connecting all parts of Israel– we need your help! Please share this message with your family and friends.

We wish all our dear friends a happy Thanksgiving!!!!

As Chanukah approaches, we want to lighten up you home with some pictures of the Itamar nursery. The children have been learning all about the theme of the month, spreading LIGHT. They have been busy getting ready for the annual Chanuakh party coming up soon.IMG_7348[1] IMG_7344[1]





















Ofer Head is a stained glass artist. He has beautiful Tiffany originals that he makes and also specializes in teaching children and young adults how to develop their own artistic skills here at our school.  He is one of many artists who live here, inspired by the beauty of the surroundings.IMG_7326[1]IMG_7173[1]











Read Rabbi Goldsmith’s essay on this week’s Torah portion.


Watch his Torah lesson.





Enjoy the Itamar Rasberries!

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