Itamar News Updates Nov 22nd 2013


Itamar welcomed the visit of Laurie Cardoza Moore and her husband, Stan, IMG_7821           who came to tour the community. Laurie, a staunch Israel advocate, was on a special visit to Israel to present her latest movie, Israel Indivisible- The eternal connectionIMG_7772 between the Jewish People and Their Land. The broadcasting event was held in Ariel University and the movie was dedicated to the late Mayor of Ariel, Ron Nachman. We hope and pray that this movie will have a positive impact on all those who will see it. Blessings to a women of valor- Cherna Moskovitz who was an instrumental force behind financing the project.


Itamar welcome the visit of Eva Stockett and Dina Sacks who came to tour the community. They were very moved by their visit and hope to come back soon.IMG_7745


Thank G-D the building of houses on Itamar continues-it is mind boggling to think that Israel was condemned 10 times in the last month in the UN for Jewish people building in their Land. Please enjoy the pictures.IMG_7733


Mazal Tov to The Asulin and Asheri families on the weddingIMG_7811


of their Children Chay and Zipporah.IMG_7789 It is always so special when the children grown up on Itamar marry one another. See archives about the Asheri family.


Enjoy the Portion of the week by Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith which is dedicated to the Young family of Carlsbad New Mexico who have been amazing in their show of support and love to Itamar, beyond words.


We want to bless all of our friends with a happy and bright healthy Chanukah. We pray that the light of the Divine will reach the hearts of every person- this is done through education and outreach- please take the time to read our letter. Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chanukah!




Dear Friends,


In the backdrop of U.S. Secretary of State’s remarks that “The U.S. considers settlements as illegitimate and that Israel should consider pulling out its soldiers from Judea-Samaria” as they demand simultaneously for Muslim terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands be released as a precondition for “peace”, while countries in Europe tape yellow stickers on Israeli products reading “For justice in Palestine- boycott Israel”, where even the right to perform brit milah (circumcision) and kosher slaughter comes under question in legality, as South African policy now forbids its ministers to even visit Israel, the trend is moving not only to boycott settlements in Israel, but to boycott Israel altogether – a weird sense of déjà vu hits us as we remember the story of Chanukah.


Then, like now, there are those that have taken a position against Israel’s values and principles, against the entire concept of being a holy chosen nation in a chosen Land. The Greeks wanted to force their influence in obliterating circumcision, Shabbat and kashrut and sovereignty over the Land, the symbols of complete faith integrated into a way of life. They tried their best to annul the pledge Israel made to a life of emunah shelayma (complete faith). But what goes around comes around. Thank G-d, in the end a little light prevailed over a great amount of darkness. This is why we celebrate Chanukah. This is an important lesson for us and strengthens our motivation for doing great mitzvoth, like supporting Itamar Israel.


The Friends of Itamar would like to thank you for making our community a more safe and loving place. Your willingness to help a community coming out of crisis, facing more challenges in the near future, to the 280 families that live here in the heart of Israel merits great blessing. Thank you for providing hundreds of children with a place to live learn and feel safe. Your donations have helped protect our community, develop our schools, provide recreation for our youth, and build our town. We are now about to complete our permanent synagogue in the coming months which still needs additional funding. It is the sentiment behind your involvement that means the most. Your commitment has been a boost to our morale and a vote of confidence for the future growth of Israel’s heartland, right here in Itamar.


We turn to you at this time and ask you to please continue to help turn another light on at the top of the mountain so that we here can be a lighthouse in the bleak dark reality as the world order marches against us. Together with your help- we will prevail, just like the Maccabees!


Chanukah Sameyach – Happy Chanukah



With Blessings from the Land,


Rabbi Moshe Goldsmtih




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