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Current EventsItamar News Updates Nov 10th 2017

Itamar News Updates Nov 10th 2017


We welcomed more guests this month than any other! We had dear friends Marja and Annali from Patmos in Finland, width= Gil Pentzak and Ruth Fazal of Jerusalem Now who brought a group from England, Canada the USA and other European countries.  width=Many of the wonderful people who came experienced Itamar, the Gem of the Hills for the first time. A very very special guest, Ann Stacey of Granbury Texas, head of AFSI Texas branch came to see all the projects going on here right now as we build fortify and safeguard the precious heart of Israel right here on Itamar.  width=She was later joined by Helen and Judy Freedman and NY AFSI group of enthusiastic lovers and staunch supporters of Israel. We would like to give a special thank you to the Whites and AFSI for their generous donation!

We had other interesting guests here this week as well. Joseph and Dov Waks came from Bal Harbor Florida on a mission born out of Miami United for Israel taking footage of the community for a presentation in the 70 years celebration of Israel’s  width=independence. This will be part of a 70-segment film featuring 70 unique places to visit and support in Israel.

Enjoy pictures of students at our high school getting ready for a new year of agricultural projects here. They are also learning how to build and maintain greenhouses. width=

This Thursday we had a memorial for Segen Matan Zagron, Z”L who jumped on a suicide bomber in Ariel preventing the massacre of a busload of people. He gave his life to protect his fellow man, may his memory be in blessing and may we learn from his self -sacrifice, HY”D!

As a reminder to all of the lovers of Israel and especially Itamar before we come to the end of the fiscal year we would like to tell you about a few important new projects you can help partner in in our mission to have the ground ready for all Jews to come home to a prepared or hopefully more prepared base right here in the very heart of Israel- we have also naming opportunities: width=

The Garden Path Project still has plenty of room for more planting

The area below it will be an amphitheater

The new nursery is already busting and a new room needs to be added

We are in the works to make a BIBLE TOWER and archeological park right above the garden path. This is an excavated ancient Tel and the Israeli government has poured resources into this brand new project. We are seeking matching donors. We’ll be putting in pathways, making a visitor’s center and preparing it to be a MAJOR TOURIST SITE.

Chitzim High School will be moving soon into a permanent campus. The infrastructure has been put in by the Education Ministry but we are seeking matching donors.

Security- a new radar system of detection. Just this week there were several attempts to infiltrate Itamar and this is vital for our safety.

Please read Leah’s blog

Enjoy Rabbi Moshe’s Torah on the Parsha


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