Itamar News Updates May 2nd 2014


After the terrible snow damage to Itamar hothousesIMG_9671, it is heartwarming to see that our famersIMG_9649 have not given up. Enjoy the pictures of the first cucumbersIMG_9648 IMG_9647of the new season. Friends of Itamar were very helpful in allowing our farmers to get their feet back on the ground. Of course, there is a lot more to be done in rebuilding the hothouses that were destroyed. The Zimmerman Farm is now using a solar dryerIMG_9675 IMG_9672 as part of their operation, enjoy the picture of one of many innovative methods we use here on our organic kind to the earth farms. Going green has been our trademark for over a decade here!


This Monday night – Israel Independence Day Itamar will be celebrating its 30th birthday. The community prayers will take place in our new synagogue.IMG_9687


Special letter to Friends of Itamar supporters.


Dear Friends,


“You shall depart from exile in joy and be led home in peace. Mountains and hills shall shout aloud before you and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. These shall stand as a testimony to Hashem as an everlasting sign that you shall never perish” (Isaiah 55 12, 13)


Reading the prophets today is different than in all other generations. Today we can actually see the returning exiles and the Land come to life with our own eyes. No other generation in history has experienced this!  Here on Itamar, the green productive mountains and hills of the heart of Israel are adorned with hundreds of blue and white flags proudly saluting Israel’s 66th Independence Day. This is a very special time of the year when Spring gladdens our hearts and people from all over join with us here in Israel to celebrate the greatest occurrence in our time, the rebirth of the State of Israel- no less than a miracle!


We thank Hashem for more miracles. On this special day, Itamar turns 30. It has been a bittersweet story, much like Yom Hazikaron, Memorial Day which precedes Yom Haatzmaut when we commemorate our fallen soldiers and civilians who gave their lives for Eretz Yisrael, a solemn backdrop for the miraculous victory of our lives here on top of the mountain. We have faced many challenges through these years including terrorism on our doorsteps, and freezing implemented in order to stop the progress of Jewish development here in the heart of Israel. But you, as a dear friend have driven darkness away with the light of your mitzvoth. Your dedication and devotion to our cause has enabled us to push through all obstacles; yes, you have witnessed our growth and success. Our shared spirit and resilience have seen us persevere.


We thank you for making Itamar a better and safer community for our children and all the people that live here. Your generosity and thoughtfulness have enabled us to build a permanent synagogue, beef up our security and assist in the many educational and recreational projects here. We turn to you at this time to ask you to continue to help us face the many challenges ahead as we plan to expand and fortify the heart of Israel for the future.  We would like to remind you of our weekly newsletter where you can receive a more detailed description of what is going on here.


Wishing you a happy and healthy Summer,


Many Blessings from the heart of Israel,


Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith


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