Itamar News Updates May 23rd 2014

The Friends of Itamar wants to express its deepest sorrow over the loss of its founder and director, Lester Goldsmith. IMG_2703His entire life was focused on three pillars, Eretz Yisrael, Am Yisrael and Torat Yisrael. Mr. Goldsmith has left a tremendous legacy with a very dedicated large family of children grandchildren and great grandchildren, one of whom was born today. His dream of building the Land of Israel and especially the community of Itamar will be continued as his presence is felt with us, Yihee Zichro Baruch.

This week we celebrated Lag BaOmer with a hike and bicycle ride IMG_0057up the mountain to Itamar and Shikma’s farm. Every year we commemorate Lag BaOmer in the memory of Matan Zagron, HYD, our first officer who was killed in Ariel when he jumped on a suicide bomber and prevented a massive terror attack with his own body. Matan was a young man so connected to Eretz Yisrael that he would crumble some earth into his morning coffee. What a better way to remember him than to connect to the land through our feet, with our legs and wheels of our bikes, with our eyes- taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Sartaba and Jordan Valley. We made pita bread, jumped on trampolines, had hot soup and cold delicious ice cream and most of all- had a great day!

The first breads of spelt grown,IMG_9814 harvested, sifted and baked right here on Itamar are the result of the efforts of our dear friend Ilan Braun from France who was able to find a special machine for taking the husk off of spelt, a machine we don’t have in Israel. The farmer, Barak MeletIMG_9813 was so happy to make the loaves and share them with you! Enjoy the pictures!

A special special thank you goes out to the Zbaeren Family of Switzerland who pack with such love and care beautiful NEW baby clothes for our baby gmach and for their extra special attention to the needs of people here in our community. May Hashem bless them with only goodness for their amazing love and care!

Our new neighborhoodארומה, Nofey Nechemia which was initiated as a response to the horrific massacre of the Fogel family is being moved into this week. To see the lights on in twelve new homes on Itamar is truly an uplifting and moving thing for us all. May we have continued building here in the heart of Israel, Amen!

Mazal tov to the Mendelovitz and Cohen families on the birth of new babies!


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