Itamar News Updates March 28th 2014

Itamar enjoyed an amazing Purim with a special atmosphere of love, kindness and holiness.IMG_9350IMG_9355 Many families celebrated their Purim Seudot (Feast) together and adorned their tables like kings.IMG_9320  The streets of our town were decorated with a lot of hustle and bustle of children and adults giving out Mishloach manot.


There was dancing in the streets and the sounds of our holiday celebration and song were heard all over the mountains of Shomron!  IMG_9306


A special welcome to Lester and Jeanette Goldsmith who moved to Israel this week from Brooklyn NY. IMG_9398Lester Goldsmith is the president of Friends of Itamar and has been volunteering for years running the Friends of Itamar office in Brooklyn NY. The community of Itamar wants to express its tremendous gratitude and appreciation for their great service to the Itamar community. We want to wish them both a very successful Aliyah and may they have many happy years together in their new home in Jerusalem. We ask all our dear friends to have Lester (Levi Ben Chasah) in mind in their prayers for a speedy recovery from a serious heath issue. May the merit of his righteous deeds bring him speedily a complete healing.

In addition, we want to express our special thanks and appreciation to another great friend of Itamar – Ronald Goldsmith who for years has been volunteering filling in for Lester and Jeanette during their visits to Israel and  has now happily agreed to volunteer to run the Friends of Itamar Brooklyn office on a regular basis. “The world will be built upon kindness” Psalms 89:3

Itamar welcomed the visit of tourists from North America that visited our community. They had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful sunsetIMG_9378 over the Itamar Mountains. The bus driver of the group commented that although he has been living on Ariel a nearby city for 20 years he has never visited Itamar before. He expressed great excitement and impressed by the vista and promised to bring his wife back very soon for a visit. The group even ran into a newlywed couple IMG_9377that has decided to live in the mountains of Shomron on the nearby community of Elon More.

Itamar welcomed the visit of Yeshivat Lev Hatorah from Beit shemesh. Lev Hatorah is a Yeshivah where boys after graduating high school spend a year studying Torah in the land of Israel.  The boys visited the Itamar Yeshivah has a discussion with Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith about the importance of mesiroot nefesh- self sacrifice for the Land of israeland were shown an inspiring movie about the Fogel family.IMG_9386

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s latest Torah lesson on the weekly portion.


2 thoughts on “Itamar News Updates March 28th 2014

  1. I really admire the small town, togetherness of your community. It is what America was like two hundred years ago. If I were to visit Itimar, where would I be able to stay? Do you have a phone# or e mail address of a nearby hotel?
    I am raising my 14 year old granddaughter and when she goes into the military service after high school, I would like to relocate to a small, agricultural community. I greatly admire your courage in the face of the severe threats around you.
    Yahweh has not blessed me with neither computer or construction skills so I would not be of much help to you in those areas. However, I did retire after twenty four years of military service, all in combat arms-two wars and two purple hearts.

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