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Current EventsItamar News Updates June 12th 2020

Itamar News Updates June 12th 2020

As the Corona restrictions ease up Itamar was blessed with some visitors over the last two weeks! We welcomed our dear friend Michael Fischberger who brought with him a first-time visitor to Itamar – Ron Katz – both live in the town of Efat in Gush Etzion.


We welcomed our dear friends Aaron and Hodayah Huhem who brought with them some family members and friends – Avi and Rachel all from Zichron Yaakov.


We also had an unexpected “visitor” – an armed terrorist that was miraculously caught as he tried to infiltrate the community. Miraculously, an emergency army drill with the Itamar response team was going on at the time and the terrorist literally walked into the hands of the security forces. 18 years ago, on the same Hebrew day the 18th of Sivan at the same time a terrorist entered from the very same spot and massacred three of our high school boys. It goes without saying how important it is to help strengthen the security of our community.

Our young farmers are enjoying the bounty of the rich soil of Itamar – nothing like preparing a wholesome salad from fresh Caesar lettuce grown in your backyard!


I new road was paved on Itamar connecting us with the Jordan valley!


We have a special summer project for Friends of Itamar – fencing in the area around Itamar’s Iris spring and creating an ecological pool that will filter the water naturally using water plants. This special spring was named after the founding father and first president of Friends of Itamar – Lester Goldsmith of blessed memory. The spring is visited by hundreds of people every day during the summer months.


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