Itamar News updates June 6th 2014

There is nothing quite like the feeling of admat Eretz Yisrael, the soil of the Land of Israel. This holds an even more important place at the time of our moadim. Shavuot is celebrated for the showbread made from the wheat of the fields, enjoy the pictures of our wheat fields being harvested right here on Itamar by our youth- and of course, our trademark- all organically grown!20140605_130025

We had a very special guest this week, the director of English speaking representatives of the Yesha council, Elie Pieprz.אלי His major goal was not only to tour the community but to discuss the essential role Itamar plays in educating the Jewish and non-Jewish world about the importance of building the land of Israel. Itamar has many angels of interest including educational, agricultural, historical and strategic importance to good plain old country air!רחוב גלעד

Our newest neighborhood, Nofey Aroma was inaugurated this past week – the festivities included attractions for the childrenילדים and important speakers that came to give their blessings to our growing community. The main Street has been named after a dear member of Itamar, Gilad Zar, who was murdered 13 years ago. Gilad was a unique individual who helped anyone and everyone in many different realms and was the Security Chief of the 33 communities of the Shomron at the time of his murder. He left behind a widow and eight children and a legacy – building up our heartland!

שכונה 2

אזכרה גלעד

Mazal Tov to the Chay familyברית מילה 4, Rav Natan and Nurit and David and Chaya Chay on the brit Milah of their son/grandson, Boaz.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson on the Parasha.

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