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Current EventsItamar News Updates June 3 2016

Itamar News Updates June 3 2016

Enjoy the new Rasberries coming out now! Delicious !!!פטל%20090_600x450

Bitya Kidrone Guttman has a beautiful new nursery right in her garden where she now sells spice plants of mint, thyme, sage, rosemary, and hyssop plants. She also has an assortment of climbing vines, cucumber saplings and of course flowers for Summer in vases- a great item for a house gift! Enjoy a picture of the delights beyond her front gate!IMG_20160531_173921








Orna Hershberg has been doing a lot of interesting projects on her organic Farm- Eretz Umloah         – enjoy the pictures of the Omer (barley)IMG-20160602-WA0014 being prepared for korban Haomer and made into the showbreads! This bread was the only chameytz actually eaten in the Temple! Today in Israel there are Kohanim who are studying the laws of Omer meticulously- from how it was grown, harvested and sifted thirteen times before it was suitable for baking these Shavuot showbreads for the Temple.IMG-20160520-WA0008












A wonderful friend and supporter from Granbury Texas, Ann Stacey came to Israel to show solidarity and support. We love you Ann!

Enjoy Leah’s Blog on the Omer and the Redemption

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah Lesson


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  • nancy krantz

    Hi My Beautiful Sister! I loved your blog and the beautiful pictures of flowers, berries and grains. Love, Sis

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