Itamar News Updates June 27th 2014

To mark the beginning of the summer vacation a music show was held yesterday specially for our adult youth who have finished their high school year.IMG-20140625-WA0000[1] It was funny and emotional bringing tears to the audience. It focused on challenges that face youth in Israel as they reach maturity.  After the show, we gathered around tables for cake and coffee for bonding time.

We are very proud of our Itamar children that gathered together at the entrance to our community with signs saying “bring our boys home”. IMG-20140624-WA0002_0[1]This follows last week when some of our residents and older youth went to Talmon to distribute the famous organic goat yogurt made here as an expression of our solidarity with them during this very difficult time.



In a bone chilling precision of time, this Sunday on the first of Tammuz, a memorial service will be held in Har Hazeitim for our resident, Eliyahu Asheri, that was kidnapped and murdered on June 26th 2006. His grandfather Rabbi Chaim Drukman will spend Shabbat on Itamar and will give Torah classes in his memory.

Read Leah Goldsmith’s essay dedicated to Eliyahu Asheri.

This week a special evening was held here, a gathering of women got together with women from the old time communities of  Moshavat Kinneret and Menachamia. The evening was focused on Ruty IMG-20140619-WA0001[1]Nussbaum (82), the sister of Israel’s famous song writer and singer Naomi Shemer, who shared her life story. Songs were sung to the background performance of the pianist Rivhah Ochana.  The ladies of the moshavot left Itamar’s women an important message – “Continue to watch over our land!”

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson on the Parasha.


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