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Current EventsItamar News Updates June 17th 2016

Itamar News Updates June 17th 2016

Friends of Itamar grieve the passing of Irving Moskowitz,z”l, who stood together with his wife, Cherna (an unbelievable woman of valor ;may she live for many more years to see the joy and nachiss of their bolstering support!) as two pillars holding up Yerushalayim and all the heartland of Israel. Irving was the major patron in reinforcement of many, many Jewish causes in Land and heritage site restoration, providing the necessary support needed to maintain and make it thrive. He remained undaunted by the fact that most major Jewish organizations did not come to support in the wake of the Oslo Accords, the opposite in fact- he pushed forward with necessary support so needed in so many places all over Israel. May his legacy bring him the highest eelooy neshama.

This week remembered our dear friend and security chief, Kabat Shomron, Gilad Zar z”l- hy”d. 13177185_1125549444132742_562991973160950604_n

We had the privilege of having a very special guest, Dr. Johnny Gold from Passaic. He and his wife, Paula have been Friends of Itamar supporters for many years and are always very enthusiastic to see the improvements and growth every time they come!IMG_1480[1]

Batya Erdstein is a ceramic artist that makes specialty hand crafted dishes. Enjoy the summer inspired dishes she makes! IMG_0733 IMG_0734

Summer veggies are in! Wow! ביכורים 2

It is wheat harvest time. Enjoy the pictures!13435355_1146272432060443_3608707088203440071_n 13423858_1146271072060579_2743805968812772586_n 13418843_1146271232060563_5425293906053082379_n

Enjoy Rabbi Moshe’s Torah


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