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Current EventsItamar News Updates July 8th 2016

Itamar News Updates July 8th 2016

This week we remembered Eliyahu Asheri, hy”d, a blue eyed, beautiful young boy rising to high achievements who was kidnapped on his way home to Itamar ten years ago the same night as Gilad Shalit and then murdered. His murderers were released in the Shalit deal and walk freely amongst us today. Friends of Itamar helped organize the funds for the making of a new a sefer torah written by his father, Yitro ( a convert) (and scribe) which brought tremendous consolation to his family. The family would also like to make a safe rest stop for travelers coming back to Itamar from Tapuach Junction. Anyone interested in this project- please earmark- ASHERI project.

The Land is giving her fruits to her people as they return to her! Enjoy the cucumbers growing in the Pertz Idan hothouses here and the grapes just about ready to be picked at Kerem Merav on the Penini Farm. IMG_4463_600x800 11011937_426706847517561_9044348217960606504_o 11212649_387546894766890_3919379561938807319_o 13603227_1178318808892928_3489645123411003475_o 13613533_1178318698892939_7249546917316244138_o



















Our Summer Camp program is in full swing- we enjoyed a day of water attractions- enjoy the photos of the children having a great summer- Friends of Itamar would like to thank all of those who earmarked their donations towards subsidizing these special summer events!




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Shabbat Shalom! Chodesh tov! Besorot Tovot!


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