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Itamar NewsItamar News Updates July 3 2020

Itamar News Updates July 3 2020

Itamar News July 4 2020- Fire just doesn’t start on its own in the quiet afternoon in an open field. Tens of dunams again were burnt this week in Itamar on our eastern areas – this will have been the fourth such arson attack in just two weeks here. Fire not only affects infrastructure but agricultural watering systems, electricity, sewage and to residents themselves there is a threat to lives here. In this year 2020 alone over 1,943 fires have occurred in Judea Samaria – not by chance but by a concerted effort to make our lives miserable here.

Today and yesterday we remembered Rachel Shabo and her three children, Neria Tzviki and avishay who were murdered in their home here nineteen years ago HY”D along with Yosef Twito who ran to try and save them HY”D.

Yashar LeChayal and dear friends from Chicago donated a “pina chahmah” for soldiers doing duty here. They can have refreshments and a place to rest from the hard work of guarding and protecting Itamar – thank you Leon Bancroft for this awesome initiative


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