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Current EventsItamar News Updates July 1st 2016

Itamar News Updates July 1st 2016

A series of horrific murders has hit Israel in the last two days. Hallel Yaffa Ariel hy”d was a beautiful thirteen year old girl lying in her bed in Kiryat Arba yesterday morning when she was bludgeoned to death. Michael Marc hy”d of Otniel was driving the family car with his children witness to his being targeted and shot dead in front of their eyes just a few hours ago. There are also many injured in these and other attacks that affected Kiryat Arba, Chevron,Netanya, and Tzomet Adurayim near Beer Sheva. We plead with you to send letters to your local councilmen and congressmen asking why the American Government is still funding the Palestinian Authority who actually pays for these murderers and their families get stipends. The Palestinian Authority honors the killers by naming traffic circles and streets after the killers. The American Consulate failed to comment on the murder of one of it’s own citizen’s, Hallel Ariel hy”d. This is blatant Jew hatred and must be stopped.

In the backdrop of this very sad and seemingly never end in sight devastation to families here in Israel- we must do all that we can to make sure these things will not happen anymore. Helping is what you need to do right now if you stand with Israel. This can be done in many ways- first- by demonstrating in your area. Second, by galvanizing support and shaking other people into acts of kindness they can do right now. Come on a trip of support to Israel- AFSI is a wonderful organization that takes you to the real places- not the tourist traps. Learn more about where major organizations like the JNF the United Jewish Appeal and Hadassah put their preference. You will notice that the yishuvim of Yehudah and Shomron, the heart of Israel -are not on their agendas. This means that we are not being supported by the mainstream making it very difficult to maintain infrastructure and security without that backing. Yehoshua and Calev said “We can go up and we can conquer it!” This is the time to stand with them and US and our tribal inheritance- Yehudah and shomron when we turn to our brothers and seek them in this hour of severe need for support. “Et achay anochi mivakesh!” Is what Yosef HaTzaddik said to his brothers.

Summer vacation has officially started today for our children here. We have a whole summer lined up of fun activities- This week we’ll play in a soap and bubbles water game along with water rides being brought especially to Itamar. Shwecky and Yonatan Razael will be playing in a huge concert happening right here on July 11th. There will be theatres for children coming our way on topics like challah- dough and baking- The treasures of the temple and building it from leggo- Parent- children relationships all on stage and acted out by real actors and actresses- We will be having some overnights under the stars hotel! Out in nature! We will go kyacking, swim in a pools, go to zomba class, have BBQ’s, and stargaze!

Orna Hershberg is doing something very special here on Itamar -There are lots of very interesting people and artists that live here- make sure you ask for them when you come on our tour – Here is a short summary she wrote about herself. P60623-132759

My name is Orna Hershberg.פרוכת

I live in itamar, on the mountain watching Yosef’s grave.

My hobby became my profession. Since I was a child I always was thinking on the Beit hamikdash – the Temple.

And lately I started to research the parochet (curtains) of Beit hamikdash. There is a lot to research, because 3000 years we We WERE in galut and we forgot how to do it. The only knowledge we have is the Torah and our wise men wrote about it in the Mishna and the gmara etc.

There are a few important motives in the parochet : the size’ the colors, the kind of yarn. How the yarn is built’ the width and there is a picture on it or not(maase hoshev or maase rokem)

On the pictures you can see 5×5 m parochet that it similar to the mishcan size. And the pictures are cruvim

see the pictures of me at work at my studio in Itamar- you can also come to see the work I do here.

You can contact me. My email

My  phone number 0503337385


Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith will be having a speaking tour in September based mostly in the tri state area. For booking events with them please contact them as soon as possible to be able to plan now. They will be giving their testimony about life in the heartland of Eretz Yisrael – its blessings and challenges and seeking your support for Friends of Itamar!

Remember – if you are coming to Israel this summer- please come to visit! It is the ONLY place in Israel you can actually see the three seas from! A treasure of breathtaking views, walking paths and hills valleys, ancient wines cellars, animals, farming, artists and the list goes on.

Mazal Tov to the Miller and Shushan families on the marriage of their children Yochanan and Zophiah this week. Yochanan will be living with his bride on Itamar!IMG_1700[1]IMG_1728[1]

Enjoy Rabbi Moshe’s Torah lesson on Parshat Shelach



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