Itamar News Updates January 3 2014


Itamar would like to extend a Special thanks to Shirah Ben Pinchas, the community’s cultural coordinator, for organizing a special evening on Itamar where the community was divided into women’s’ meetings that were held in different neighborhoods. The idea was to strengthen the connection between community members especially since Itamar has grown so much and new families have moved in. Each meeting had its unique environment where different themes were chosen as a discussion point for the evening. Some women volunteered their home others volunteered their life’s experience and shared fascinating stories.  The common denominator was that instead of saying the usual hello goodbye in the street when everyone is rushing about their personal business – here was an opportunity to touch each other’s hearts and share a cozy (and tasty) together time.


The men also enjoyed a special evening this week when they participated in a siyum party. A siyum is a party held upon the completion of a tractate of Talmud. Mazal Tov to R. Moshe GoldsmithIMG_8605 for competing the tractate of Makkot – this learning has been dedicated to the refuah shelayma of Levi Ben Chasah .A Special welcome to Alan Nussbaum for coming all the way from NY to join in the celebration.


Itamar would like to say a big Mazal tov to Jessica Katz and her family on their arrival to Eretz Yisrael. Jessica is a one woman factory of chesed helping thru her organization Yad Leah to clothe many of Israeli’s needy. She has been single handedly responsible for sending hundreds of boxes of clothing to Itamar over the last decade. See how well our kids look!ילדי איתמר


Mazal Tov to Yitzchak and Brit Kocav on the birth of a daughter and mazal to Asher and Bityah Gootman on the birth of a son.


Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah for the week


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