Itamar News Updates January 17th 2014

Itamar were so happy to host Jessica and Uri Katz and familyIMG_8633 along with her “yad yamina”, Karen Thaler who came to tour the community. Jessica and Karen are the driving forces behind Yad Leah, who have been distributers of clothing for over 30 yishuvim in Israel for many years. Yashar Koach anak (all the power to them) to them for their incredible love and kindness (mifal chesed), may Hashem give them bountiful blessings and may they see only goodness from the work of their hands!

Itamar was happy to host IMG_8729Rico Cortez and hisIMG_8696 group of 50 people from all over the world who came to visit and experience organic go green earth loving people who are the true pioneers today in Israel- on Tu Bshvat. They saw the Zimmerman farm and the hydroponics operation there as well and tasted from the fruits of Eretz Yisrael, all grown right here on Itamar! The group was very special and extremely inspired by their visit. Many expressed their desire to return again soon and help work the land. Their love of the land is great and they plan on visiting historical sites like Shilo next week.

Our community celebrated Tu Bshvat with a feast which included all of the community, where blessings on the species were recited and the joy of the New Year of the Trees was experienced by all of us here together. Israel is truly a Land that feeds its people, Baruch Hashem!

Mazal Tov to Eftat and Dudi Giladi on the birth of a daughter.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s class on this week’s portion.

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