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Current EventsItamar News Updates Jan 30th 2015

Itamar News Updates Jan 30th 2015



This week there was an entry to the ancient grave sites of the sons of Aaron – Itamar and Elazar, Pinchas and the 70 elders (70 Zekaynim) of Joshua’s time. They are all buried in the ancient village of Givat Pinchas (better known today as the Arab village of Awarta), near the present day (our) community of Itamar. Unfortunately, if you are Jewish, you cannot freely visit these sites as it would endanger your life. It is one of the strange facts that although we are a sovereign nation in our land we still can’t travel freely throughout the country. This is what we like to call, “So close, yet so far”- like Kever Yosef and Kever Joshua as well as many other holy sites in Israel- including the Temple Mount- where the Holy Temple of Israel stood for over a span (with a small respite) for over 900 years! The remnants of these sites stand as a testimony to the authenticity of the everlasting connection of the Jewish People to their Land.IMG_0523IMG_0489

This week was marked by global Holocaust Memorial. For the survivors that made it to Israel to build a country and families of their own- there is no greater consolation. May the memory of the 6 million be cherished forever.







Now, more than ever the very concept of giving Land away seems like something no political platform would dare mention with Israel trying to pick up the pieces from this summer’s brutal onslaught of rockets into Israel by Chamas in the south, many of the launching pads constructed on Jewish settlements that were evacuated in Gush Katif a few years ago. Many people were displaced during that time, thousands of farmers who made their livelihood in the hothouses there had their businesses destroyed as well. Our community adopted a few of those dedicated patriots and they are trying to “pick up the pieces” here on Itamar. Last year’s heavy snow storm again damaged the hothouses – if anyone would like to adopt a farmer from Gush Katif- please earmark so on your kind donation.  IMG_0534














Itamar is continuing to be blessed as four new families joined us recently! Rachel and Ezrah Solomont, Shmuel and Yael Yitzchaki, Amotz and Oriyah Melet, and Aaron and Ornah Goldhammer. There is nothing more that strengthens our community than new families moving in.  IMG_0558




Mazal Tov to Nitai and Bruriyah Levi on the birth of a son! Mazal Tov to Yididyah and Eti on the birth of their first child this week – a precious little girl. Mazal Tov to the Maydani family on the birth of a granddaughter and the upcoming wedding of their daughter this week.

Mazal tov to Meir and Rinat Kabrah on the wedding of their daughter Orli this week.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson for the week.


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