Itamar News Updates Jan 22 2016

Itamar News January 23rd 2016


Itamar welcomed The Johnsons from Dallas this week. Ginny and Sarah Johnson are planning on bringing women’s groups on tour to Israel and sharing the beautiful heartland with them right here. Thank you for coming!IMG_8284[1]

We are full speed ahead on building our new nursery. 20160114_124327It will be a relief to all parents to get their babies out of the asbestos prefab we have been using from time immemorial!IMG_8298[1]

Enjoy pictures of the Aaron and Rina Jeehan farm! All the fruits and veggies are fresh, no pesticides, no chemicals- the taste- unbelievable!IMG_4138 IMG_4128

We are getting ready here for a major snowstorm! Yes, it snows in the Middle East! And how!

Enjoy Leah’s Blog on Tu’Bshvat (Israel Arbor Day) coming up next week.

Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmith’s Video Torah on Beshalach.

Read his essay.

Shabbat Shalom to all of our dear friends!!!


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