Itamar News Updates – Feb 28th 2014

This shabbat is Shabbat Kehillah on Itamar – when families get together and host one another sharing their Shabbat meals together as well as a community Kiddush and Melave Malka. This we try to do a few times a year in order to strengthen our connection with one another. This particular shabbat comes at a very special time on Shabbat Parashat Shekalim and right before Rosh Chodesh Adar which is a time of showing brotherly love to one another. The power of unity brings untold blessings to us and to Israel.

Itamar welcomed the visit of our dear friends Michael and Alana Fischberger who visited Itamar this week. Michael and Alana are longtime friends of Itamar.מייק ואילנה

Itamar expresses its condolences to Alon and Rachel Zimmerman on the loss of Alon’s father Tuvyah. Tuvyah was part of the Machal (volunteers from the diaspora) pilots that came to assist in Israel’s war of Independence in 1948 from South Africa. Later in life he came with his wife, Ava, z”l to live here on Itamar. He had the zechut of seeing the family grow and have much joy from the ingenuity of his family ideals in organic farming, hydroponics and other close to nature, good to the earth ideals.

We welcomed Johnny Goldsmith who came to Israel first on Machal and then decided to join the IDF. גוני 2He is a Proud Golani soldier and hopes his family from Brooklyn New York will join him here in Israel soon!

We have seen an accelerated amount of attempts by terrorists to perpetrate attacks recently. Your help is vital in helping us further secure this enormous expanse of the heart of Israel.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson on this week’s portion.

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