Itamar News Updates December 6th 2013

IMG_7984Chanukah was beautiful on Itamar as usual!  It is great to see the renewal of the wonderful custom in Israel to light the candles outside the house as it was meant to be before we were exiled among the nations. Only in the diaspora we had to light candles inside our homes for fear that we may be attacked for celebrating our holiday. We should never forget that one light can eliminate a lot of darkness! So let us never despair and always try be a light unto others.

Baruch Hashem! We had another Chanukah miracle the long awaited rain finally arrived. The dry fields were so thirsty and they were so happy to receive the heavenly bounty. Let us pray to Hashem that this year we will merit in seeing all the reservoirs in Israel filled to the top. Enjoy the pictures taken after the first rain. Especially, the amazing rear phenomenon of a double rainbow taken on Itamar’s special lookout point called the view of the three seas. The only place on Israel where you can see the three seas. The Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, and the sea of the Galilee.IMG_7975

Talmor Goren is a ceramic artist. She is one of the many artists that live on Itamar. Enjoy her work.IMG_8012

A very special new project The Friends of Itamar is working on is the Kalla Fund. (Helping young brides)

Today we had a very special friend bring us two more dresses, Rayna GoldsteinIMG_7964 who is finishing her degree in medicine and now living in Givat Shmuel. Thank you Rayna for your thoughtfulness and may Hashem bless you with only happiness and success in the future! None of this would have come about if not for the inspiration behind this new endeavor, Rachel Traurig of NYC. Rachel has been very active getting this project off the ground in galvanizing support and enthusiasm – a very special bracha gedola to Rachel- may she be blessed tremendously for this chesed! Of course, special thanks to all those who have contributed to this new project.

As we draw close to the end of the fiscal year we want to thank all of our donors for their steadfast devotion in building and developing our town, Itamar, located in the very heart of Israel. If we look back just a few years ago so many things that were in the planning stage have come into fruition because of our special friends that love Israel with all their heart and soul and are making a real contribution in building the land of Israel. Every bit of help is so dear to us and adds another foundation stone of redemption. The facts on the ground speak for themselves, thriving and bustling with vitality, activity, and the promise of even more prophecy coming true in the near future. May we merit to grow, together with you, our dear friends!

Watch Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith’s new Torah for the week.

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