Itamar News Updates August 2nd 2013

This week a memorial service was held for our dear friend and resident Shlomo Miller HYD who was killed in a terrorist attack on Itamar in August 2004. Shlomo was a very special man who did not rest when it came to building the land of Israel. He was active in many areas and was the head of Itamar’s security and a member of Itamar’s counsel when he was murdered. Shlomo’s wife, Esther is a woman of great faith and continues to raise her family on Itamar. Shlomo is no doubt looking down from the heavens above and is so proud of his family. Today, two of hismarried children live on Itamar and two of his sons serve in elite units of the Israeli army.

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Amichay Rav amichay and mosheand Noah Kinarty on their son Moshe’sMoshe Kinarti putting on Tefillin (Phylacteries) for the first time. It is a Jewish custom that a boy that is approaching his bar mitzvah should start to put tefillin on a few weeks before his thirteenth birthday  in order to prepare himself for his bar mitzvah –  when he will be obligated to put on tefillin every day except Shabbat and holidays. A small celebration is held where family and friends bless the boy and his family.

Itamar welcomed John and Jackie SilbermanSilberman 2and their lovely children Yael and Avi from Fairfax Virginia that visited Itamar for their first time. They had an eye-opening experience.

The grape harvestgrapes first pickgrapes on vine began on Itamar this week – enjoy the pictures.

Mazal tov to Shilo and Hadas Ben Yitzchak IMG_6701on the brit milah of their son Neriah this week.  Hadas is the daughter of one of the founding families on Itamar  – Gilad and Hagar Zar.  Gilad the head of security of Samaria was killed by terrorists that ambushed his car back in May 2001.

This week the Itamar yearly family summer trip will take place. Friends of Itamar sponsors this trip every year. Special thanks to all our dear supporters who have been standing with us.

Watch Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith’s new torah lesson for the week dedicated in the name of Shlomo Miller.


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