Itamar News Updates April 25th 2014

This is the day that Hashem has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psams 118)

G-D willing the long awaited day is coming! Itamar will be inaugurating its permanent synagogue on the 19th day of Iyar. (The day after Lag Ba’omer) We are so thankful to Hashem for blessing us with a beautiful building that will serve the community of Itamar for generations to come. We want to thank all those amazing friends that have been supporting this project over the last few years. It is great seeing the fruit of all our labor becoming a reality. The lesson from this special project it that when people get together and give a helping hand great things can be achieved. The sky is the limit! We want to invite all our dear friends to participate in this tremendous event. So please reserve the day on your calendar. It would be our greatest honor and pleasure to host you all on this happy occasion for Itamar.

On May 6th Israel Independence Day we will be celebrating Itamar’s 30th birthday! A very special event will be held here that will take place in the area near the new Synagogue. The entire community will participate in a joint feast with entertainment and a lot of other surprises. Anyone interested in participating please contact us. Friends of Itamar will be sponsoring this event. Anyone interested in helping please send in your support at this link.


Itamar welcomed the visit of the Ketting family from the Netherlands.IMG_9619 They enjoyed a special tour of the community and even got to visit one of Itamar’s remote farms overlooking the Jordan valley. This farm specializes in growing Peony flowers for export. These flowers are not only beautiful IMG_9622IMG_9624but also have tremendous healing abilities testified by the name Peony which comes from the Greek god of medicine.  Floor and Roelie Ketting – living in the flower capital of the world, were really amazed to see these beautiful flowers growing on Itamar soil.

Mazal Tov to the Aviad and Shoshna Barhav and Chaim and Tzippy Shmueli on the birth of daughters.

Enjoy the interesting picture of a cloud ringIMG_9616 over the city of Shechem. If anyone has an idea of what this may symbolize please send us your comments.

Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson for the week.

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