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GeneralItamar News October 5th 2009

Itamar News October 5th 2009

October 5, 2009

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1. A few days ago the people of Itamar had the privilege of saying Selichot at the Tomb of Joseph which unfortunately still remains desecrated after the Arab riots that burnt it to the ground nine years ago. Four busses were allowed to enter the holy site in the early hours of the morning under heavy army protection. Please enjoy the enclosed slide show. width=

2. Yeshivat Chitzim of Itamar made a beautiful display of the theme Succot in honor of the holiday. width=

3. Enclosed are some pictures of Itamar residents enjoying the holiday!


4. Itamar extends an open invitation to all our dear friends to come and visit us here on the holiday. There are so many beautiful sites to see – come and join us! (As many are already doing this week) width=

5. Read Leah’s new Torah message for the holiday.

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