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GeneralItamar News June 26th 2009

Itamar News June 26th 2009

June 26, 2009

1. Mazal Tov to Hagar Zar on the birth of another granddaughter this week. Hagar lost her husband Gilad in a terror attack 8 years ago. Their daughter Shirah is now living on Chavat Gilad, a new community in the Shomron that was built in memory of Gilad. Just two weeks ago Hagar’s daughter Hadas was married and is living on Itamar with her new husband. We bless the family that they should continue to go from one Simcha to the next! 2. Mazal Tov to the Liphshitz family on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Yaron. 3. Mazal Tov to the Miller, Ben Pinchas, and Shneeroson families who all moved into their new homes on Itamar! These are just three of the ten families who have purchased homes on our community and will be moving in very soon. This neighborhood is dedicated to all those special individuals who gave their lives for the land of Israel and the community of Itamar. 4. Itamar is surrounded by beautiful historic sites. Please enjoy the picture of the famous Sartaba seen from one of our hilltops. The Sartaba is known for being the second station after Mt. Olives that a torch were lit on its peak in order to signal the announcement of the New Moon that was declared in Jerusalem. The Sartaba later served as a strategic fortress built in the first century BCE by the Hasmonean King Alexander Jannaeus, descendent of the Judah the Maccabee, Sartaba served the Hasmoneans in their battles with the Romans. Later, Herod’s two sons by his Hasmonean wife Mariamne (Herod executed all three) were buried there. width=

5. Itamar welcomed Ariel Tonkin from upstate NY who spent a few days on Itamar. Ariel spent a half a year in Israel studying art at Haifa University as part of a program connected to Boston University in the U.S.A. As a young Zionist Ariel hopes that one day she will make her home in Israel. width=

6. Asaf Kidron, the special stone artist of Itamar is restoring an ancient wine cellar found on one of Itamar’s hilltops – on the farm of his father-in-law Avri Ran. Itamar invites all of our dear friends to come and visit this special site. Asaf’s dream is to turn this wine cellar into a museum. The plan he has is to use it in the same way as it was used thousands of years ago as a place to store wine. Not far from this site is an ancient wine press. width=

7. Reminder: This is a very crucial time. The people of Itamar ask you to stand behind us financially. We have many important projects that need to be completed please find a way to reach into your hearts and pockets and show your support for Israel! A person can never become poor because he gave charity and no bad thing or damage can come out of it. The opposite is true it will bring him a tremendous blessing and success. As it says in Isaiah 32:17 “and the work of charity shall be peace” Anyone who has mercy on the needy G-D will have mercy on him. (See Rambam laws of Charity chapter 10)

Shabbat Shalom! Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

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