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GeneralItamar News July 3rd 2009

Itamar News July 3rd 2009

 width=July 3, 2009

1. Itamar celebrated a Hachnasat Sefer Torah on Thursday. The Torah was dedicated to the memory of Rachel Shabo who was massacred together with her three children and the head of the response team Yosef Twito seven years ago on Itamar. Rachel was preparing the Shabbat bread (chalah) when a terrorist entered her home and opened fire on her and her young children. The torah scroll will be used in the synagogue of Har Gidon, on one of the Itamar hilltops.

2. Mazal Tov to Nihoray and Yishuah Choshen on the birth of a daughter this week. Both Nihoray and Yishuah were born on Itamar. So this makes their daughter a third generation Itamar resident!

3. The Itamar girl’s school Beer Miriam finished the school year this week with a special presentation which focused on the topic of prayer.

4. This week the Itamar Mifal Hapayis building was finally completed and handed over to the community. The dedication ceremony was attended by the head of the regional council Gershon Masika and Shaul Sutnik the head of the Mifal Payis. width= width=

5. The Itamar summer camp began this week enjoy the picture of our children having fun on water rides. width=

6. Please read Leah’s new torah thoughtfor the week.

7. Please read the mayor’s letter how he and his wife made Aliyah and moved to Itamar.

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