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GeneralItamar News – January 28, 2011

Itamar News – January 28, 2011

 width=1. Itamar welcomed the visit of our dear friends Scott and Suzie Goldberg and family who came to visit our community. Scott and Suzie have been special friends of Itamar for many years. Scott and Suzie loved the ancient ruins of the Itamar hills that go back to the second temple period.

2. Gershon Masikah the head of the Shomron regional counsel visited our community this week in order to discuss community development issues with the Itamar counsel. width=

3. Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new torah lesson for the week focusing on the prohibition of eating milk and meat mentioned in this week’s portion. This week’s Torah lesson is dedicated to a dear friend of Itamar that wanted to know why the verse “You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.” Refers to all the many laws involving milk and meat.

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