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GeneralItamar News January 27th 2012

Itamar News January 27th 2012

•On Thursday day night a memorial service was held in the Yeshurun synagogue in Jerusalem for the Fogal family that was massacred on Itamar eleven months ago. The 800 attendants were addressed by personal friends and family members of the Fogals.  width=In addition, former chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Meir Lau, Minister Eli Yisahy and General Avi Mizrachi of the central command spoke as well. Sarah Netanyahu, wife of the Israeli, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attended the entire service. On the Wednesday the sixth of Adar Feb 29th a special memorial service will be held on Itamar commemorating a year since the terrible massacre. There will be a special memorial service on Itamar including a dedication of a new Beit Medrash for the Yeshivah Givaoh where Rabbi Udi Fogal taught. width=


  • Come and visit Itamar! Itamar enjoys showing visitors from around the world and Israel its amazing community. It is a very special experience and we recommend it for all those who are interested in learning more about us or for those who love seeing beautiful places in Israel. As a matter of fact, a group of Israeli’s came this Friday with wagons carrying their dune buggies and in the pouring rain rode the Itamar hills! Enjoy the picture of the beautiful olive trees on Itamar. width= width=


  • Mazal tov to Yaakov and Haliluyah Nitanel on the birth of a son this week.
  • Watch Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith’s new lesson on this week’s Torah portion.

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