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GeneralItamar News February 24th 2012

Itamar News February 24th 2012

  1.  width= width= width=Mazal Tov to Nisim and Aliza Edan who will be marrying off their first child this coming Thursday! Nissim was one of the first Itamar farmers who came from a Moshav in the southern part of Israel together with his brother Peretz.  Nissan also a member of the Itamar town counsel. His wife Aliza runs the Itamar library.  We wish them a lot of happiness and success in all their endeavors and let us hear of only happy events. width= width=
  2. This coming Wednesday on February 29th a memorial service marking a year since the terrible massacre of the Fogel family will be held on Itamar. The entire day will be devoted to their memory. In the morning Torah classes will be given at the Yeshivah where Harav Udi taught. In the later afternoon starting at 4:00 there will be a hachnast sefer torah and a procession to the new Yeshivah building that will be inaugurated in the Fogel family’s name. The inauguration will be attended by Rabbis and Knesset members and other important guests. Itamar invites you all to join us in this special memorial service. This is our response to terrorism. With this new Yeshivah building thousands of boys will study Torah and connect themselves with the town of Itamar helping us to continue build and establish the beautiful city of Itamar.
  3. Itamar welcomed the visit of Mike K. from the United States who toured Itamar for the first time. Mike has been volunteering with other communities in the Shomron and really enjoying his experience in Israel. He is just one example of the many righteous gentiles that love the land and the people of Israel.
  4. Itamar welcomed the visit of Ivo C. a historian, who specializes in anti-Semitism, from the Czech Republic who came to tour the community and write a book about his experience in Itamar and Israel.
  5. Itamar welcomed the visit of the head of Central command General Avi Mizrachi who came in civilian clothes with his wife and friends to tour the community of Itamar. He brought with him an entire group of Israelies from the coastal area of Zichron Yaakov and Binyamina to show them the beautiful landscapes of Itamar. He mentioned to Rabbi Mayor Goldsmith that this group had never been in the Shomron before and it is so important to have people come to our area. We wish Avi Mizrachi well as he will be finishing his army career in the coming weeks.
  6. The new Itamar road was paved this week in order to allow the thousands of expected visitors to escort the New Torah scroll from the Fogel home to the new Yeshivah built in their name. Special thanks to Transport Minister Yisrael Katz who has made this important project a reality.
  7. Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson on the weekly portion where he discusses the connection between the Torah and the tabernacle and bringing G-D into our homes.

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