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GeneralItamar News August 23 2007

Itamar News August 23 2007

August 23, 2007

1. Memorial service held on Thursday morning for Meir Lixenberg HYD attended by Harav Livanon, Rabbi of Elon Moreh, seen in the picture. width=

2. Friends of Itamar from several communities of NJ visit with Itamar and wrote letters in the Sefer Torah that Yitro is writing in memory of his son Eliyahu and the children of Itamar. G-d willing we plan to celebrate the Hachnasat sefer Torah on the 14 of Shivat, Eliyahu’s birthday. width=

3. Rabbi Lupin presents hand made woven scarves that the women of his community made for the children of Itamar. width=

4. Itamar joins the shomron region council’s great event of the summer– a concert in the amphitheater at the ancient city of Shomron – Sebastia with Yehoram Gaon. The event was preceded by a professional tour of the site and theater presentations of the different time periods. width=

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