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GeneralItamar News August 14th 2009

Itamar News August 14th 2009

 width=August 14, 2009

1. Itamar welcomes our dear friends Scott and Suzi Goldberg from the five towns who came to spend a few days on Itamar.

2. Rabbi Yehoshuah and Rachel Mishulami parents of Amasah HYD who was killed in the latest war in Lebanon dedicated a picnic area including pools filled from natural springs located under Mt. Grizim in memory of Amasah. Amasah was a war hero who gave his life to protect the people of Israel. Three of his brothers live on Itamar. Rabbi Yehoshuah and Rachel were thrown out of Gush Katif from their home on Nizarim. Today they live on a new community called Mivoot Yericho in the Jordan valley. width= width=

3. Enjoy the picture of the beautiful vineyards freshly planted on Itamar. width=

4. Read new letterfrom Itamar’s friends.

5. Read Leah’s new Torah thought for the week.

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