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GeneralItamar News April 11th 2008

Itamar News April 11th 2008

April 11, 2008

1. Itamar is speechless over the tremendous Chesed of our dear friends Allan and Barbara Hirsch. In their merit for the last 8 years around 800 families in need from Judea and Shomron have been receiving food packages for the Pesach Holiday. The areas include the entire Gav Hahar region of Shechem and the Gush Etzion Chevron area. Alan works very hard raising the money from different communities from the NY and NJ region. We are grateful as well to all those wonderful people that sent their donations towards such a precious cause. Enjoy the picture of a happy Itamar resident receiving Shmurah Matzo for the holiday.

2. Itamar welcomes Henk Poot and Theo Horneman our very special friends from Holland who are putting together a unique picture book of beautiful landscapes of the different communities of Judea and Shomron. Henk and Theo are great supporters of Israel and have been helpful to many communities in Israel. width= width=

3. Itamar welcomes Yosef Ringal from Allentown Pennsylvania. Yosef is a student at Brandeis University and is doing his doctorate on Israel studies. He spent three days this week on Itamar to research the Sfardic methods of Torah study that are being used in the Talmud Torah of Itamar. width=

4. Itamar had a very special blessing over the last two weeks ten children have been born here! Vchayn Yirboo! Shabbat Shalom

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