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Dearest Friends of Itamar: This morning a bus that brings children, our grandson Shlomo being one them, from the nearby communities to the school in Elon More was shot on together with a taxi. Another miracle! Thank G-d the taxi driver was only slightly injured when the bus driver bravely shielded the taxi with his armored bus. This incident is one of many recent terrorist shooting attacks that have been plaguing our area.  The attack took place right outside of Itamar in the same place that the Henkins were murdered on Succoth some years ago. As the day of Atonement approaches, please have your brothers and sisters in Israel in mind. We must not let these evil doers succeed in weakening our grip on the land of Israel. We will continue to grow, thrive, and fulfill prophecy in our promised land forever! Amen

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  • Martina

    Dear friends, may Hashem bless you all and the ones you love. Thank G-d for the bravery of the busdriver.

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