Happy Shavuot message to all our Friends of Itamar

We want to wish all our wonderful friends a Chag Shavuot Sameach.

Unfortunately, the security situation is very tense lately. This past Friday a suicide bomber was caught at the Tapuach Junction not far from Itamar and last night at the same junction a terrorist opened fire at a group of soldiers – including a soldier from Itamar. Thank G-D they reacted quickly and were able to kill the terrorist. Trouble continues today after Arabs near Itamar rioted on the major thoroughfare and attacked many Israeli cars that were passing by. This all in the backdrop of the American decision to work with the new terrorist unity government of Fatah and Hamas. It is hard to believe that the United States can support a unification of all the enemies of Israel whose major platform is the eradication of the State of Israel. The constant rocket fire at Israeli towns and cities is enough proof of what their true intentions are. How many innocent men women and children were killed already at the hands of evil bloodthirsty terrorists? This decision seems to fit right in with the other wrong decisions made lately by the American government that have weakened its position in the world and have cause many to lose respect for her.   Some of these decisions include – letting Syria get away with the use of chemical weapons, ignoring the Syrian genocide, allowing Iran to go ahead with its nuclear armament. It is quite obvious that this gave the green light to the Russian leader Putin in his annexation of Crimea Ukraine.  On the other hand, Israel – America’s only true ally and friend in the Middle East has been literally tormented by America’s Secretary of State Kerry trying to force her to make more concessions that can threaten her very existence. Where is true justice?

It is known that there are different names for Mt. Sinai mentioned in the Torah. The Talmud in Shabbat 86B brings down that the name, Sinai comes from the Hebrew word Sinah – meaning hatred. This refers to the nations of the world that hate Israel because of our receiving of the Torah. HaRav Kook explains that the Torah was given in the desert, a place that is neutral territory –  that is equal to all to show that the light of the Torah is meant to rectify all of mankind, not only the people of Israel. This fact is: what causes the nations to hate Israel is that they know deep down that they should be following the moral and ethical code of the Torah. Bnei Yisrael are called the Chosen People not because they are better but because they were chosen to bring the light of the Torah to all nations. Now is a time of clarification on a global level- the anti-Semitic attacks in Europe and other parts of the world coupled with events here in Israel are all part of the redemption process that is unraveling before our eyes. Only through the Torah can the world be rectified. These evil forces that oppose Israel will not succeed – the light of the Torah will overcome all darkness.

We would like to bless all of our friends with a Chag Sameyach, a tranquil and bountiful Chag full of good things with good tidings.

Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

Itamar Israel


One thought on “Happy Shavuot message to all our Friends of Itamar

  1. We wish you a Chag Shavuot Sameach!

    We pray for you daily. Thank you for the encouraging words. We needed to hear these words as well. The light of the Torah will overcome the darkness. It is such a privilege and a blessing.

    The Haats family

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