Getting Ready For Shabbat

Getting Ready for Shabbat – November 2013IMG_6331

We change the clock every year in the autumn bringing Shabbat in an hour earlier the same time we read the Torah portions of the stories of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs in the Book of Berieshit.

The day ends fast and this is significant as we bring Shabbat in suddenly. In an age of helpful technological gadgets that make our lives easier, in an age when the only acceptable movement is forward, we also revert to the foundation stones of the Torah and the beginning of time, taking the gear in reverse, to a special time when earth meets heaven.

A Jewish traditional home has lots of preparing to do for Shabbat. It is “mini-Spring cleaning” as beddings are changed, dusting and washing done not to mention preparing the dough, getting the lights ready and preparing the many dishes we enjoy. Special attention is given to the table, a decorative setting for the final sitting we do when all action stops still.

Also, as we prepare for the Shabbat of our redemption there is much to do here in the Land of Israel. It is getting hectic as Fridays usually are in a Jewish home.

In the collection of anthologies about Abraham and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rebecca, Yaakov Leah and Rachel we review many actions they took such as serving, getting up early, tilling, planting, building, fighting, sweating, bleeding, walking, running to mention just a few preparing the groundwork for a Promised Land.

It is almost time to light the great lights. Please remember us here.

Shabbat Shalom, Leah Goldsmith

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