Condolences on the passing of Yehuda Guetta HYD

Friends of Itamar want to express our deep condolences to the Guetta family on the passing of Yehuda Guetta HYD after he was shot and critically injured at the Tapuach Junction a few days ago. Yehuda suffered a gunshot wound to his head and unfortunately was not able to recover from his wounds. He was laid to rest today in Jerusalem. Yehuda HYD studied at the Itamar Yeshivah and was know as a very special young man extremely diligent in his Torah studies; he had a dream to serve in an elite unit in the Israeli armed forces. The community of Itamar who has suffered so much from terrorism over the years promises to continue in the building of the land in the name of all those victims who have given their lives for the land of Israel – we will not let these evil terrorists will break our spirit. Am Yisrael Chay!!

See this link on Arutz Sheva of Yonatan Pollard eulogizing Judah. Yonatan began to study at a Yeshivah and Synagogue in Jerusalem where Yehuda and his family pray on a regular basis.

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