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Chanukah Quiz – test yourself

 width=Chidon Chanukah (a trivia game about ideas connected to Chanukah- answers will follow next week)

1         Who continued to rule in the house of Macabbes after Judah passed away?

2         Where do we light the shamash?

3         Can we light the Chanukah candles in a copper vessel?

4         Can we go to work on Chanukah?

5         On what day of Chanukah do we use the most oil?

6         Can the menorah be shaped in a circular form?

7          What is done with oil that is left over in the menorah after chanuah?

8         Why is it preferred to use olive oil for lighting purposes?

1         Are women obligated to say Hallel on Chanukah?

2         What is the law about someone who does not know how to say the blessing on the candles?

3         What is the law if it’s Erev Shabbat on Chanukah and there are only 2 candles available?

4         Who did Mattityahu kill?

5         Which parsha is read on Chanukah?

6         Why do we eat latkes and doughnuts on Chanukah?

7         During which Temple (first or second) did the Chanukah story rake place?

8         What halacha is hinted at in the word Chanukah?

9         What is the law if a night passed by and you forget to light the menorah?

10     Can we extinguish the candles after a half hour of mandatory burning?

11     Which tehillim pertains to Chanukah?

12     Can we light the candle from unkosher fat?

13     Who ruled in Israel after Mattityahu the Chashmonean?

14     How long should have the oil that was found in the Temple been burning?

15     And how long did it really last for?

16     Can we do any work for the time the candles are burning?

17     When do we light the shamash?

18     What mitzvah is applied to Chanukah aside from lighting the menorah?

19     Does a poor person that lives on charity need to light the menorah?

20     How many candle/oil holders were on the menorah of the Holy temple? (7 or 8)

21     Can you make havdalah from the Chanukah lights?

22     Yochanan the High Priest had a special daughter who cut off the head of a terrible enemy of the Jewish people- who was she?

23     What did the Greeks want to abolish in the system of the Jewish calendar?

24     What day is the last day of Chanukah on the Hebrew calendar?

25     Does a person traveling in a boat or train have to light?

26     Does a guest have to light his/her own menorah?

27     What time of the day do we light the menotah?

28     What 2 holidays do we say “Al HaNissim”?

29     Can a person use wax candles and not oil on Chanukah?

30     What were the Jews that assimilated into Greek culture called?

31     What do we light first, Shabbat candles or the menorah on Friday evening?

32     On Saturday night what do we light first- Havdalah or Chanukah candles?

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