2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Reflections – In Their Merit We Live

  1. What a beautiful memorial by Rav Moshe to these slaughtered, innocent, righteous souls. Painful to listen to but critical to remember. If it wasn’t for all these brave victims, response team members, settlers, etc., Itamar would not be the beautiful, vibrant community that it is today, always growing and developing to greater heights. It’s heartbreaking and painful that the most peaceful place on the planet has also had such turbulent times. Stay steadfast amazing people of Itamar! Am Yisrael Chai! Yehi Zichronam Baruch on this Memorial Day. HYD

  2. Rabbi Moshe thank you so much for sharing your life and those who have gone before us. It was so difficult for me to listen but, I am so thankful I did. This sharing really balanced my heart weights. I have never experienced such tragedies Baruch Hashem. We ‘ll need to be reminded of our brethren who have given theirs lives blood so that we may live in freedom.

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