Itamar’s News Updates July 7th 2019

This week there was a very special event in Zichron Yaakov – special friends of Itamar – Aaron and Hodayah Huhem who after a first-born girl were blessed over the last few years with quadruplets and then triplets, built a unique synagogue in their home and inaugurated the synagogue by bringing in a new Torah scroll. Jaquelin Huhem, Aaron’s mother, an amazing artist spent the last couple of months adorning the synagogue with her magnificent talent. She specially dedicated one of the walls to Itamar by painting itamar’s landscape – the mountains of the blessing and the curse, and Itamar’s central synagogue. Those of you who have visited Itamar can recognize the synagogue in the painting. Enjoy the movie clip! We enjoyed the visit of our dear friend Joseph Wax who brought his brother and friends from Florida for a visit this week. The Itamar children are enjoying their summer camp activities here on Itamar – enjoy the pictures. Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson for the week

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