Itamar News Updates Oct 18th 2013

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Uzi Damari for completing for the 6th time the holy works of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochay – the Zohar! Rabbi Damari who is one of the founding families of Itamar has a beautiful custom of making a special feast in honor of his Torah study of the Zohar after each completion. There is nothing greater than honoring our holy Torah and those that study with true love and devotion. Rabbi Damari also loves studying the Tanach and reads 60 chapters a day! As a matter of fact – he participated in the Israel national Bible contest.Rav Uzi 2

As the rainy season heads our way we pray to Hashem that all our reservoirs are filled to capacity by the end of the winter season.

Itamar recently began another important building project of 12 new houses. IMG_1950Thank G-D we are constantly growing and the demand for housing is always on the rise.sunset 2

Enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Judean hills.

A special request to all our dear friends to pray for the speedy recovery of Levi(Lester) Ben Chasah (Clara). Levi is the president and founder of the Friends of Itamar and has been volunteering for years with tremendous devotion and endless energy to help the community of Itamar. May Hashem grant him a speedy recovery and grant him many more years of health and happiness.  May he have continued Nachat from his family. This week’s torah lesson is dedicated to him for a speedy recovery!

Mazal tov to Dvir and Ayelet Cohen on the birth of a daughter!

Mazal Tov to Yitzchak and Sari Chemo on the birth of a grandson.

Mazal tov to Alon and Rachel Zimmerman on the birth of a granddaughter.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson on this week’s portion

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