Itamar News Updates – November 8th 2013

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We want to thank Hashem for the miracle that took place at the Tapuach junction near Itamar – when a terrorist opened fire on a bus stop. Miraculously the army responded very quickly and were able to kill the terrorist.

We were happy to host several groups From Holland and Australia that came to show their solidarity with the heart of Israel this week here on Itamar in the backdrop of this week’s claims of USA’s secretary of state that the entire heart of Israel is illegitimate. It goes without saying that these people are very blessed and special that despite the escalation of terrorist attacks they are willing to come and stand with us here on Itamar.

In the wake of discussions with the American government it was reported on the news that the Israeli finance minister has decided to freeze allocations for security needs to communities in Judea and Samaria. It goes without saying that if this will come into effect it will endanger lives. This is a wakeup call for all of us.

Enjoy the picture of an ancient cistern on Itamar which is taken right out of this week’s Torah portion – Jacob and the well.

Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson for the week.

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