Itamar News Updates May 9th 2014

This week on Israel Memorial Day we remembered our dear residents from Itamar that have given their lives for the land of Israel. In their blessed memory so much has been done on our community and we will G-D willing continue to grow and flourish in their merit. A powerful memorial service was held on Sunday night that brought back the memories of these wonderful righteous heroes that are so missed. Here are some links about our special heroes –


This week Itamar celebrated its 30th birthday on Israel Independence DayIMG_9720.IMG_9769 It was a beautiful celebration that began with the evening prayer service in our new synagogue. Although we have not officially inaugurated the new building which we hope to do soon – it was really uplifting to have the privilege in praying there.  We still have to build the ark and complete the inner furnishings. Anyone interested can still take part in this amazing mitzvah. Enjoy some video clips in honor of our birthday celebration.











This week there was a very rare rain event that brought a huge amount of rain water to Israel. The Itamar farmers were so happy that their fruit trees will get the energy they need to bring forth their bounty. This all comes at a very special time on the eve of the Sabbatical year. Hashem promises to bless our fields on the sixth year so that we can let the land rest on the seventh year as outlined in this week’s Torah portion.



Three girls were born on Itamar this week! Mazal tov to the Gross, Aurbach, and Kidron families. May they continue to be blessed with happy events!!


Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson on the Torah portion – A look into the IMG_2582Sabbatical Year


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