Itamar News Updates May 13th 2016

We had the pleasure of having our dear friend Henk Poot come to visit with a whole team of enthusiastic Dutch visitors. IMG_0700[1]   We also had a group of 10th grade students from the USA on a MASA mission. They came on Yom HaZikarone and got to feel our Beit Midrash -Mishkan Ehud, a huge study hall where hundreds of men learn torah here on Itamar.IMG_0823[1]

Yom HaZikarone is always very difficult here as we come to join in the blessed memory of the fallen of Itamar here at our cemetery. Yihoo Zichram Barooch- HY”D!

Itamar celebrated its 32nd Birthday on Yom Haatzmaut. We had a festive meal and movie made especially for this event that showed all of our accomplishments over the last years- a true celebration that put the progress of our community into a wonderful perspective. The special event was packed with Itamar residents from the main neighborhood and all of our hilltops. Enjoy the pictures of the children celebrating!IMG_0836[1] IMG_0745[1]

Enjoy the “fireworks” of organic vegetables growing right now in our hothouses!!cid_ii_inzsf4hy0_15494c7b7d8b8d9d

Enjoy Leah’s Blog about Yom HaShoah- Yom HaZikarone and Yom Haatzmaut.

Enjoy Rabbi Moshe’s Torah lesson on the parsha.

Shabbat Shalom!


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