Itamar News Updates March 1st 2013

Itamar welcomes Lester and Jeanette GoldsmithIma and Abba who are spending Shabbat with the community. Lester is the President of Friends of Itamar. Lester and Jeanette have been supporters and active volunteers for the Friends of Itamar since its beginnings.

This week Am Yisrael celebrated PurimIMG_4748 – Itamar had a beautiful holiday with Purim parties, dancing, and a great Megillah reading.

Itamar welcomed the visit of our dear friends Alan Nussbaum and Panina Arbesfeld IMG_4770who came to visit the community and distribute goodies to our soldiers.IMG_4761

A special Mazal tov to Rachel Twito who married off her daughter Yardayna this week. Rachel’s husband Yosef was killed in a terrorist attack on Itamar back in 2002 when he tried saving the lives of the Shabo family.

Mazal Tov to the Asulin and Asheri families on the engagement of their children Chay and Chayutah. It is always special when two children that have grown up on Itamar marry each other!

Mazal Tov to the Cohen family on the Bar mitzvah of their son Eliyah

Mazal tov to the Shmueli family on the Bat mitzvah of their daughter Shirah.

Mazal tov to the Bar Nitzan family on the Bat mitzvah of their daughter Shirah.

Mazal tov to the Jackson and Zar family on the birth of a granddaughter.

Mazal Tov to Amichay and Noah Kinarti on the birth of a son.

A new traffic circle Kikarwas built at the intersection between Shechem and Itamar with a model of the Tomb of Joseph.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson for the weekly portion.

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