Itamar News Updates March 14th 2014


This past Sunday a memorial service for the Fogel family was held on Itamar at the Yeshivah Givoah building Mishkan Ehud. It was a national memorial service attended by government ministersשרים and other distinguished guests. The mayor of Jerusalem attended as well.IMG_9175 It was a very special memorial marked with deep emotion and mixed feelings. On one hand it was so painful remembering the terrible tragedy that took place just three years ago but on the other hand there was tremendous happiness seeing how much was built on Itamar in just a few years in their holy memory. Two years ago we celebrated the inauguration of the Yeshivah Beit Midrash this year we celebrated the opening of a new dormitory building that will house 90 students. IMG_9118In the making are two more identical buildings which G-D willing will be completed in the next two years. In addition, we have begun working on our Chitzim high school campus as well!


G-D willing this coming Passover we will be completing a new neighborhood on Itamar. It makes us so happy to announce that all the houses were purchased already! Of course, there is no stopping here as we are now planning to begin another new housing project.IMG_9182


 Three new families joined our community this week– We wish the Levine, the Bognin, and the Zilverstein families a lot of happiness and success on Itamar.


Itamar welcomed the visit of the three amazing couples from the USA the O’hares, the Mills and the O’Dells. They toured the community and enjoyed the fresh yogurt from Itamar’s Givot Olam farmIMG_9270. We were blessed to also have our regular guests, dear friends of Itamar that come and bring food to the soldiers, Alan Nussbaum and Penina Arbesfeld.IMG_9233


Mazal Tov to the Segal family on the birth of a son!


Watch Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith’s new Torah Lesson for the week

Also see the Machatzit Hashekel appeal.


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