Itamar News Updates June 20th 2014

Difficult days are upon Israel with the recent events of the kidnapping of the three yeshiva boys1512793_636350046461514_2598448613687413129_n[1] in Gush Etzion. We are all praying for their quick and safe return. Representatives of our community including our youth movement went this week to give chizuk to the families and communities affected by this atrocity. They distributed yogurt made here on Itamar and shared prayers and hugs. It goes without saying that where ever we go people are just so touched when they hear that the people of Itamar, who have experienced similar situations are going out to strengthen others.

Itamar is preparing for the Summer with a special focus this year on the building of a man made our kidsspring and wading pond built and designed by our youth. We also plan to prepare picnic grounds that include lanes and gardens for your enjoyment when you come to visit! A very very special thank you goes out to Eddie Wunch and the Anshey Chesed Community of the 5 towns who have been assisting in the budget for our summer youth programs for over a decade now. Thank you too to all of those who join in this very important act of chesed for our kids.

Yashar Koach to all the participants in the regional soccer matches.

Mazal Tov to the Zimmermans on the birth of a baby cow!alon and calf










We welcomed Reuven and JeanneRobert and Jeanee OK from Oklahoma City who enjoyed a tour and explanation of the area.

Mazal Tov to all the new births in our community- To the Chay families, Zagron families, Kaspi and Shushan.

Mazal Tov to the Tenne family on the marriage of their son, Ido.

Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmiths torah Shabbat Shalom


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