Itamar News Updates July 17 2020

Itamar News   – July 17 2020

Summer is in full swing here on Itamar. We had a visiting petting zoo here this week, a trip to swimming in nature reserves as well as a think tank day for our youth about Zionism Settlement and challenges for the future. Enjoy the pictures!

With great sorry we grieve the loss of Itamar’s fourth grade Student, Mordechai Ulpan – ז”ל 9 years old from the community of Tapucah in Shomron, who studied at the Itamar Talmud Torah elementary school.  Mordechai went to Russia to visit his grandfather who was a head of the Jewish community in Yekaterinburg east of the Ural. Sadly, he drowned to death while swimming in a river.  The Talmud Torah is asking for help in funding a movie about Mordechai that they will be able to present to the parents. In addition, they request assistance in providing a workshop for post trauma treatment of the students in Mordechai’s class who need assistance in coping with the loss of a dear friend.  Finally, they are holding a special summer learning program in Mordechai’s name to learn on behalf of all those who are sick with corona virus and ask for help in providing the teaching hours needed to run the program. See Rabbi Goldsmith’s appeal in this matter- Those interested please see this link.

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