Itamar News Updates July 11th 2014

Itamar prays for the speedy recovery of its dear resident Mordechai Yamin Ben Bracha Yehudit. Mordechai is an IDF soldier who was injured yesterday by a mortar shell launched from Gaza. May Hashem watch over him and over all of our soldiers. May He protect our people from danger.IMG_0115










This week a memorial service was held on Itamar for Yosef Twito , Rachel ShaboIMG_0214 and her three children Neriah, Tzvika, and Avishay that were massacred on Itamar  in June 2002 when a terrorist entered the community. Yosef Twito, the former head of the Itamar response team, was killed as he ran to try and save the Shabo family.




This week we welcomed the visit of our dear friend Alan Nussbaum and David Danzer who came to tour Itamar and its surroundings. IMG_0210Despite the present security situation they were not afraid to travel as they wanted to show their support and solidarity for our community. They got a chance to see some very special places like the lookout point of Joseph’s tomb on Mt. Grizim. They had lunch at the Brachah winery and tasted some of their finest prize winning wines. They enjoyed it so much that they want to come back again next week!

Read Safta Charlotte’s live testimony of a rocket attack.

Special thanks to our dear friend Eddie Wuntch and the community of Anshey Chesed of the Five Towns who have been helping to sponsor our camp program over the years.

Mazal tov to the Ben Yitzckak and Rimon families on the birth of daughters.

Read Leah’s latest blog on the present situation.

Read an essay by Leah on Parashat Pinchas.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson for the week.

Read Rabbi Goldsmith’s summary of the Torah lesson.

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  1. Itamar you are the heart of the land of Israel-HaShem gave you this land. Your blood and tears have not been in vain. Your Jewish feet are on the land and the land response and gives its bounty. You are dearly love by true Christians that know who you are and the promise that GOD fulfilled in bringing you home to your land Israel. Israel , do not fear , HaShem will never leave you or forsake you. Please GOD for it is HIS land. Don’t try to please the world only HaShem. The world will never love you!

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